Letter: A Democratic America

Letter to the Editor

Martin Sheen has personally done more for the needy than most. However, his call for Malibu to be a sanctuary city is left-wing dribble. Same with all of those utopians wanting to stop the oil pipelines. China is right now moving to try to control international shipping lanes. 

Julian Assange, on a different note, says Democrats should move to rid the party of the dishonesty that many say came with Hillary Clinton. So far, the Democrats seem not to do so. If Mr. Assange (a current hero of Sean Hannity) or Mr. Snowden in any way compromised U.S. national security, they should, of course, be held fully accountable under U.S. law. 

We should help Americans first. Too many with jobs live in their cars — how about helping those Americans?

Morten Wengler