Yes on "M"


I share the view that we must do whatever we can to preserve water. That is one of the principal reasons I am voting “Yes” in November to approve the Malibu Bay Company Development Agreement (Measure “M”).

A “Yes” vote on “M” gives the City, among other benefits, the opportunity to acquire the 20-acre Chili Cook-Off site with funding from State of California Bond Funds. Development and operation of any wastewater and recycling facility (if it is built) will be funded by the facility users-not the city or its citizens. The city would be in charge of wastewater treatment and be able to eliminate the chronic wastewater problems and potential creek and lagoon pollution in the Cross Creek area. Development potential would be downsized by an amount approximately equivalent to the Malibu Colony Plaza development. Even if there is construction of a 6,000 to 10,000 square foot reclamation and recycling facility (fully enclosed in a building) now being considered by the city, approximately 16 acres of space would be left for a park, trails, ponds, playing fields and open space. According to Questa Engineering Corp., recognized experts in water management, “impacts from traffic, air, noise, urban runoff and potential ground water contamination associated with the proposed development would be eliminated.” Voting “Yes” means the Malibu Bay Company would be left with only one new potential shopping center in Malibu-either at Point Dume, if the Chili Cook-Off acquisition funds are obtained or in the Civic Center, if not. Voting “No” means there would be two new shopping centers and no park.

Questa estimates that only 36% of existing and currently proposed wastewater flow would be attributable to Bay Company properties. In the proposed reclamation plant, the wastewater would be treated to a quality almost equivalent to tap water. After treatment, the water will be recycled for landscape purposes and toilet flushing, thereby saving millions of gallons annually and reducing dependence on imported potable water.

Don’t let people persuade you that the Bay Company can’t develop the Chili site if Measure “M” is voted down. The opponents try to frighten voters in local newspaper ads falsely claiming, among other misinformation, that the City will incur “more financial responsibility” in connection with the acquisition of the Chili Cook-Off site and the construction of the waste water treatment facility. The City will incur only the normal costs for operation and maintenance of a new park. I’m all for new parks. The city will not be paying for the construction or perating expenses of a wastewater treatment facility if one is built.

Vote “Yes” on “Measure M.”

David Kagon