Letter: Why Sign?

Letter to the Editor

Reading the letter published here last week praising “the exemplary work ethic,” of City Manager Reva Feldman, one has to wonder how the select signatory former Malibu mayors might have been accommodated during their tenure.

Was it just her approving their wining and dining on city-expense paid, trumped up, extended trips to Sacramento and elsewhere, and fringe benefits?

Reportedly included were some hosted by a consultant firm paid millions of Malibu dollars over the years for undocumented “services” Reva has defended, whispered to include lobbying for her sham manager of the year award; her escorting a select few councilpersons on trips to orient them to the “professional” perquisites and “personal” perks of the office; and then further charging the city for padding her vacation travel, for which conveniently no staff had to approve and sign? Penurious.

But it appears she was quick to sign off on excessive trips of Lou La Monte and for evenings Skylar Peak was paid for serving the city while surfing in Bali.

And did she aid Laura Rosenthal, once out of office, try to finagle a $150,000 a year job in a proposed public funded library foundation, only to be foiled when questioned by Councilman Jefferson Wagner? Note he was not a signatory to the letter, nor was the virtuous Pam Ulich and the principled Walt Keller.

As for discharging her duties promptly, as the ex mayors wrote in their letter, apparently overlooked was her letting slide Nobu parking violations and a desperately needed STR ordinance.

Malfeasance or just vanity?

It does appear all it took Feldman to gain some allegiance was just playing to a narcissism that seems to balloon in office—being sucked up to, getting and giving awards, posing for selfies. This and more, while an obsequious city manager happily did the heavy lifting.

Then there were the pay raises that followed, the preferred hires and the back door deals (i.e. SCE), the accommodation of special interests and the imperious treatment of enervated others.

But it was the Woolsey Fire and its mismanaged aftermath that prompted the basic question: Why hasn’t she ever apologized? 

Sam Hall Kaplan