Respect property rights


    In reading letters to the editor by J. Flora Katz, I wonder where has she been for the last 30 years. Certainly not in Malibu, or she would not have written the letter she did. I wonder sometimes if people are just emotionally stupid, or don’t know or don’t care about planning or have never heard of the Constitution of the United States. This document, approved in 1787, grants the right to own and use your property – period!

    The land in Malibu has been divided since 1853, when California was ceded to the United States by treaty. The governments of California, Los Angeles County and, finally, the City of Malibu guarantee that right to the land owner. If they choose not to allow the property owner to use his land, the governmental agency has to pay for it. (Article V and Article XIV of the Constitution.)

    Perspective is something that most of the citizens of Malibu seem to overlook. The zoning here is very, very low density compared to the rest of Los Angeles. Our minimum home building is mostly one acre, or one-half acre, while Los Angeles has eight to 10 homes per acre or more. We don’t realize how lucky we are and we discriminate against anyone who wants to build a home or use their property as it has been planned and zoned.

    I was taught that discrimination of every kind is not acceptable in society today. In fact, I have had it beat into my thick head for the last 50 years that you should not discriminate against people due to the color of their skin, religion or gender and sexual orientation. Yet here in Malibu, you can discriminate against people who are property owners. In fact, it has been raised to a fine art of trying to ruin people financially by delaying them in obtaining their permits to use their property.

    Over the last 25 years, I have seen people lose their property, their homes and even homes of relatives who try to help them financially. Environmentalists and homeowner groups work together. They have made up the most outlandish lies. The world as we know it will end if another home is built or if the Malibu Bay Company is allowed to use their land.

    What these folks don’t seem to realize is if you take away someone’s rights, you give up your own rights.

    Tom Bates