Tactic doesn’t work


Once again we are being bombarded with the unscrupulous tactics of candidates who have hired telemarketers to misrepresent the facts. Last night I received a call from a woman who said she was calling from the Malibu City Council to endorse Walt Keller, John Mazza, and Joe Liebig. We immediately questioned whom she represented and challenged her statement because the Malibu City Council does not endorse anyone as a body. We then asked to speak to her supervisor who informed us that this call originated from a city in the Midwest and he would make sure the facts were more accurate.

What an outrage that our community continues to be subjected to CAN’s expensive misrepresentation. The three candidates that these telemarketers are representing make a big mistake when they endorse these unethical tactics which tear apart the fabric of a healthy community.

Patricia Honey and

Ken Krueger