Dangers of litter


Last September, I witnessed a woman stopping on Corral Canyon and throwing a plastic bag of trash into the canyon. I stopped and questioned her and ordered her to go retrieve the trash. She said she would get the man that she worked for to assist her in retrieving the trash. She did not do this. Instead she turned around and left the canyon. I called the sheriff’s and they ticketed her on PCH for “littering.”

The woman fought the ticket, which meant I, along with the deputy, had to appear in court. To my surprise, the “commissioner” asked me if any of the trash was thrown on the road. It had not, just into the canyon. The commissioner dismissed the case! I do not have all the answers as to why he dismissed this case. I’m assuming it had to do with how the ticket was written. I have always believed that litter is litter! I am hoping that the man that drives the two-tone, old Rolls Royce, with personal plates, will read this letter and talk to his employee about not throwing trash in the canyons. There are plenty of trash cans along PCH if she cannot use the cans at your residence. Also, I climbed down into the canyon to retrieve the trash. As a member of Arson Watch I never know if something is flammable or not. The trash contained take-out food in plastic containers! Please, do not throw anything into the canyons.

Cynthia Benjamin