Sticking to their guns


I want to applaud Council- members Sibert, Barovsky and Stern for supporting our parks and for making decisions based on integrity and good, solid science. They patiently and carefully weighed the facts and listened to the desires of the vast majority of the community. They did not cave in to the fear of lawsuits. They listened to appeals regarding Legacy Park, mostly from non-residents. They patiently listened to more appeals on Trancas Park when they had already been denied. They were rudely yelled at and interrupted by both groups, who worked more on emotion and threats than facts at City Council meetings. Yet they persevered.

I cannot imagine, after studying all the close details of these parks and what they will mean to this community, that any councilmember would want to stall these opportunities, especially when every argument against them has been clearly refuted by well-respected and credentialed engineers, biologists and geologists. I have lived here 40 years and I feel qualified to say that these parks will be great enhancements to our way of life.

Both of the projects are sorely needed. It is a chance for us to teach our children and community how to be better stewards of the environment. Legacy Park will start to clean up Surfrider Beach immediately by treating the main culprit, storm water. Who would not want that? Trancas Park will be a peaceful spot in these difficult times to bring families together in a place that will not tax our minds nor our wallets. Both of these parks have been carefully designed and planned (for over 10 years now) to be respectful of the environment and will be “outdoor classrooms.” Again, who would not want that? Especially, when it is well known that trying to create new designs and permits will postpone these parks for years, if not indefinitely!

It would be nice to see these folks, who are so against these parks and claim to love Malibu, spend their time and energy fighting some worthy cause like more shopping centers or condominiums.

Valerie Titus-Parker