Touching tribute to teacher


    Thank you for the touching obituary from Fred Adjarian on the passing of Ron Antoine. Like Fred, I found Ron (Mr. Antoine) to be my most memorable and inspirational educator. Ron was my teacher in 5th and 6th grade in 1955 and 1956, when Juan Cabrillo first opened. Ron made me believe in myself and understand that anything was possible.

    I have continued to be loosely connected with him over the years, and this year, when “the” Christmas card didn’t come, I drove to his retirement home in Santa Barbara to find out why. The receptionist confirmed what I had feared, but went on to say that there had been a number of former students stopping in to find out why there was no contact from their favorite teacher. What a legacy to leave, that so many former students still consider Ron their most influential teacher and have kept in touch all this time. God speed, Ron, and thanks for being my friend and mentor.

    Eric Jacobson