Letter: Is This Who We Are Now?

Letter to the Editor

In response to the letter “Warning signs” published April 23

I was shocked and appalled to read the letter by Richard Kraft published in your latest issue. Certainly, the man is entitled to his opinion. But he is not entitled to write bald-face lies that cruelly slander victims of COVID-19. And I am so discouraged to see that this paper would publish innuendo and outright falsehoods without bothering to verify them. 

Kraft states that Sandy Bell’s son, Billy Gamboa, tested positive for the COVID-19, but continued to go to work at Anawalt Lumber, and that Anawalt Lumber knew this and permitted him to continue working there. False! Billy Gamboa did take a test after his father fell ill and he tested negative for COVID-19. He does not have the virus. Sandy Bell has the documentation to prove this. She could have provided it to your paper, but you did not bother to contact her. Kraft also accused Gamboa of riding public buses while knowing he had the virus, thus infecting countless others. False! He has not been riding the bus or been going to work at Anawalt since his father fell ill.

Just as disturbing as the falsehoods was the tone of the letter. Is this who we are now? Are we going to blame the victims, stigmatize and ostracize them and pile hostility on top of their grief? Is this the best our community newspaper can do?

No! We are better than that. Malibu is better than that.

David Weddle