Pooh-poohing Purvey


    It was difficult to follow the distorted logic of Bob Purvey’s letter last week, but apparently he believes it’s acceptable for Gil Segel and Remy O’Neil to violate the law because Malibu’s soccer and Little League families are devious liars who just want to kill us all. Make sense to you?

    Quote from Mr. Purvey’s letter: “It is a shame that freedom in America may be taken to the extent of lying to fool a lot of people. Remember, a thief can take your property, and a liar can kill you.” Why would anybody mention killing this past week over issues having to do with families?

    It is not surprising that Mr. Purvey provides the real hypocritical quote of all time — repeated word for word from his letter? Mind you, lying is an issue at stake in the FPPC subpoena for the records of Mr. Segel and “friends” — Did Segel and Remy O’Neil lie in their political campaign ads — oh yes, pardon me, that was supposed to be educational ads?

    Those who did tell lies will be scorned just as Mr. Purvey wishes including those thankful to liars such as Mr. Purvey. A more rational observer than Purvey might conclude that Segel’s sleazy, Nixonian political dirty tricks blatantly broke local and state campaign laws designed to protect our right to a fair and open electoral system.

    Now — just like Nixon — Segel is desperately scurrying around trying to cover up the original violations. The future of Malibu is a serious topic that deserves serious and honest debate. That debate can only be subverted by Segel’s political dirty tricks and Purvey’s irrational rantings.

    Let’s get back to the real issue: how we can meet the needs of Malibu’s residents and their children for recreational facilities, parks and other services. Malibu would be much better off if Segel, Purvey and their kind spent a little time and thought on that problem rather than spinning additional paranoid fantasies about families active in Malibu.

    Linda Larabee