Successful Save

Scott Halley gives the “thumbs up” after who saving his house up Old Chimney Road in Latigo Canyon.

Malibu’s Scott Halley stayed behind and fought to save his house on Old Chimney Road in Latigo Canyon. Halley had been long preparing for a fire, according to posts by family members on Facebook. “He was prepared with water tanks, hoses, generators, chainsaws, tractors and a few good men (and my sister and niece),” his sister-in-law, Leslie Stanton, wrote. “Everything around them is gone.” A friend, Sean Jennings, wrote, “Scott has been building up an arsenal of firefighting equipment for years and would regularly run drills to make sure everyone knew how to use it. He focused on firewise landscaping. With a pool and some water catchment, they were ready and it paid off.”