Cordelia Rorick


Artist and activist Cordelia Rorick, a 10-year Malibu resident with her husband, Harry Rorick, who predeceased her, died peacefully Jan. 1 at her recent home on Bainbridge Island, Wash.

During the years she spent in Malibu, which she often described as the best of her life, she was a political activist and one of several people who started the move to assist the dayworkers and homeless who are a part of the Malibu community. Her generosity, with words, deeds and funds to those who were in need of them, was unbounded and an inspiration for all who knew and loved her.

Cordelia Rorick is survived by her daughter Maggie Thompson, son Laurence Frauman, grandchildren Erica Frauman, Matthew Frauman, and Meghan Thompson and her brother Lewis Orr.