Letter: Time To Do Something

Letter to the Editor

As the weeks go by and there is no other place for Angelenos to go other than our trails and beaches, the trash that they leave behind is devastating to our beaches and surrounding environment. Can’t we, as a community, start organizing cleanups of the beaches and trails with bags and safety gloves provided? We would need to provide trash haulers as well, since, with the current cutbacks, the county trash cans are not emptied as often as they need to be and they are always overflowing. Could our kids get community service hours if we start the cleanups before school starts? Or in the afternoons once they are finished? Malibu residents can’t just sit idly by and let our beautiful coastline and ocean become more and more polluted. I am more than willing to roll up my sleeves and coordinate with those of you who know more about this than I do to start the wheels moving on doing something, anything!

Liz Robinson