READER’S POEM: Halloween


Mother, Can You Hear Me Now?

Another hillside torn apart

To build a “nature trail”

Another canyon ranch estate

‘Till autumn winds prevail

Flatten out this mountain

We all voted to displace

Then build a jumbo water park

To fill the empty space

Corporations in control

Their power makes me shiver

Spilling oil in our oceans

Dumping poison in our rivers

A Hummer parked outside the school

While mama runs inside

For a minute or an hour

Spewing carbon dioxide

Tearing up the forests

For cattle grazing land

We’re not happy ‘till we see

A world covered in sand

Decimate the people

Who make the land their home

Then honor them in a museum

New York, London and Rome

All the fish and birds are gone

I can hear the ice shelf heating

How much more will you allow?

When our time here now is fleeting

I’m standing on the last green place

And the future’s growing bleaker

Soon the trees will be erased

And my breath is growing weaker

Mother, can you hear me now?

My human heart’s still beating

Mother, can you hear me now?

But I can’t feel you breathing

Mother, can you hear me now?

By Nita Lawson