Dead whale washes ashore twice


The dead body of a young gray whale washed ashore at Sunset Beach on Sept. 22. Lifeguards attached a rope from their boat to the body, and brought it back out to sea. The whale’s body washed ashore again on Sept. 25 at Topanga Beach. This time, a lifeguard boat was not available. A boat was brought in from San Pedro, and once again the dead whale was towed out to sea.

Cindy Reyes, a marine mammal coordinator at the California Wildlife Center, said the whale may have become separated from its mother at one point, and unable to be on its own, starved to death.

Catwoman comes

to Malibu

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry has reportedly spent $4.5 million on a Malibu Colony home. The home is approximately 5,100 square feet.

Reducing stroke risk

Residents can be screened on Oct. 9 at the Malibu Library to determine if they are at risk of having a stroke. Life Line Screening will conduct the screenings.

Each screening requires 10 minutes or less to complete. A complete vascular screening package, including the Stroke/Carotid Artery, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and Ankle Brachial Index (hardening of the arteries), screenings is $109. A complete vascular package, include the osteoporosis screening, costs $129.

For more information regarding the screenings or to schedule an appointment, call 1.800.697.9721. Preregistration is required.

Bushmen in Malibu

Members of the Bushmen tribe from Botswana, who were evicted from their native country, were in Malibu last week. National Public Radio aired a segment about their visit to Paradise Cove.

The two men, Jumanda Gakelobone and Roy Sesana, are seeking help in their fight with the government of Botswana to stay on their ancestral lands.

The government of Botswana has declared much of the Bushmen’s land as a game reserve, and have evicted the tribes. The Bushmen are fighting back in the courts in Botswana. They will also visit the United Nations and Washington D.C. to solicit money to help with their legal battle.