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John Adorney, an award-winning composer and musician, and Malibu resident Daya are teaming up for their first live concert on Friday and Saturday at the Scherr Forum Theatre in Thousand Oaks. Both concerts will take place at 7 p.m.

They have worked together since Daya was Adorney’s student and, since 1998, they have collaborated on seven CDs. Adorney composes the music and lyrics and performs on cello, keyboard and guitar, while Daya provides the vocals.

Many of the pieces are built on rhythmic elements from various ethnic cultures. Observers say the melodies tell stories, but also touch something in the heart.

The idea for the concerts began when Daya and Adorney were asked to perform at a charity fundraiser recently, and could not but the idea sparked an excitement about doing a live concert. The concerts will be performed with a 13-piece ensemble. For tickets go to or

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