Tick season alert


    A county in which Lyme disease is endemic is one in which at least two definite cases have been previously acquired or in which a known tick vector has been shown to be infected with B. Burgdorferi (the bacterium which causes Lyme disease). Our community falls into the endemic category and we are in the midst of tick season. So please be aware and get the facts.

    You can test negative and still have Lyme disease. You can contract many tick-borne diseases simultaneously from the same tick bite. If you have an erythema migrans (EM) rash, you have Lyme disease. Lyme bacteria can cross the placenta into the fetus and be found in breast milk. Lyme can cause death occasionally. Lyme patients often get worse before getting better on treatment. (Jarisch-Herxherimer reaction). Lyme symptoms can develop days or months after a tick bite.

    On behalf of the board members of the Lyme Disease Resource Center, I would like to thank Malibu Urgent Care for evaluating and treating patients with tick bites.

    Barbara Barsocchini,

    vice president

    Lyme Disease Resource Center