Sirens: Malibu Crime Report Jan. 17-26

The following incidents were reported between 1/17-1/26:


Mail marauder 

Miscellaneous mail was stolen from a mailbox on PCH after the locking mechanism was damaged.


ATM attempt 


An ATM located in the Malibu Civic Center was vandalized and about $1,000 worth of damage to it was done after would-be thieves attempted to steal cash, but were unsuccessful. 


Lost and found

About $200 cash, a purse, wallet and driver license were stolen after the window was smashed in a vehicle parked in the Malibu Civic Center. Suspects in possession of the stolen property were later apprehended. 


Neighborly nonsense 

Various items such as sunglasses, an electric razor and a duffel bag containing swim apparel were stolen from a vehicle that also had two windows smashed. The victim suspected the perpetrator was a neighbor with whom he or she had a dispute.


Packages snatched  

Two truck ramps worth about $375 were stolen after they were delivered to a house on Big Rock. 

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