Letter: Sailboat Sadness

Letter to the Editor

In response to “Large empty sailboat crashes on The Colony Beach” published May 20

This vessel washed in in the wee hours of Wednesday morning intact with at least two people aboard, wet and cold. The vessel was 27’2” long. One attempt was made by Baywatch South just before a minor high tide while LASD and LACoFD monitored. In rising surf conditions, the attempt failed and the vessel was abandoned Wednesday afternoon. The overnight high tide and large surf broke it into pieces. Our construction crew spent 51 man hours picking up debris and eventually cutting it into pieces to keep it out of the surfline and under homes. 

By Friday, we had the pieces out of reach of surf and were pleading with officials to pick it up. It finally happened; officials picked up every piece except for a small section of the bow. Thanks to all who participated to keep our coast safer and pollution-free.

William Strange