One bad turn


    This letter was sent to the clerk of the Municipal Court.

    Enclosed is my check for $77 in payment of the above citation, together with a tuition check for $29 to apply to traffic school.

    While I might challenge the citation and the calibration of the radar that clocked me, that would not be appropriate since I was clearly exceeding the posted speed limit.

    What should be brought to the attention of the proper authorities, however, is that the officer’s abrupt, instant and immediate U-turn that he made directly in front of the school to flag me down was, by far, more dangerous to the students and teachers than the few miles over the limit that I was traveling.

    I’ve drive the same route daily for over 15 years and have always made an effort to be cautious in and around the school. It seems to me that if it is a good idea to set up a radar net near the school, and it probably is, that the area should be properly posted and that officer should not be making sudden and dramatic U-turns right in front of the school.

    John D. Hentschel