Letter: New Anti-Semitic Democrat Congresswoman

Letter to the Editor

I appeal to liberals to join conservatives in facing the fact that two unrepentant anti-Semitic Democrats have been elected to Congress. For a decade, radical Muslim and other far-left groups have brainwashed college students to hate Israel, Jews, Christians and white people, while shouting down pro-Israel and center-right speakers, yet Democrats have refused to criticize them. While “progressives” condemn Israel for defending itself from Palestinian murderers, they refuse to criticize Palestinian leaders for teaching young children to kill Jews, honoring terrorists and paying Palestinians to kill Israelis, or to condemn Muslims throughout the Mideast for persecuting women and gay people, and murdering Christians. Ever since President Obama praised the Muslim Brotherhood before the Egyptian parliament, Democrats have viciously libeled Israel and held the world’s one Jewish country to an impossible double-standard.

Obama also increased Muslim immigration, though many Muslims are raised to hate Christians and Jews. And since most millennials know nothing about Israel except what they learned from “apartheid walls” and other leftist demonstrations, no one should be surprised anti-Semitism and anti-Christian contempt is now consuming the Democratic Party. We must face the fact that, though European-style anti-Semitism has never taken root in America, it could now! Obama’s goal was to “fundamentally change” America, to make it more like Europe, and if we’re not vigilant, he’ll get his way.

Christians, Jews and all moral folks must stop supporting Democrat bigotry, contempt for American exceptionalism and the Constitution. People whose families supported FDR, JFK and Bill Clinton must realize that Obama destroyed that party. What would they think of the adoration for Louis Farrakhan preached at women’s marches today? Would they support Democrat anti-white, anti-male bigotry? Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn’t! Do you? I appeal to well-meaning liberals to stop voting for Democrats; no matter how they pander, every vote for them provides cover for hatred of Jews and Christians and the destruction of Israel. Join conservatives in educating America about the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and America’s Judeo-Christian quest for freedom and equal opportunity, inspired by Exodus, the Ten Commandments, and Jesus. America’s future is at stake.

Rueben Gordon