Obituary: Steve Ridgway

Steve Ridgway, a well-known employee of John’s Garden, died Saturday at the age of 63.

Ridgway had been with John’s Garden since it set up shop in the 1970s, and spent 38 years working at the sandwich and snack shop. He was known for his trademark advice, “Be good out there,” which he shared with patrons before they left the store.

Ridgway was described as someone who never had a bad day. Thought of as the face of John’s Garden, he was always happy, and shared it with those around him.

“Everybody loved him,” John’s Garden owner Boyan Kinov said. “He was a really, really likable person.”

John’s Garden’s Facebook page is filled with sentiments and memories of Ridgway. He is remembered as a kind man who was always smiling that made an impact on people’s lives. “He was a man that made a difference,” one friend wrote.

“Steve was such a sweetheart and always smiling whenever I stopped by for lunch,” one person wrote on The Malibu Times Facebook page.


John’s Garden has started a memorial book for Ridgway where people can share their memories of him. When it is completed, the book will be sent to Ridgway’s family.

“He was just lovable,” Kinov said. “A very lovable, very nice person.”

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