How about a Spanish program?


The PDMS charter proposal has raised some provocative philosophical and practical issues re education, and I would be sorry to see those conversations end. Creating some kind of alternative public elementary school in Malibu is a really interesting idea, as long as it’s with the full cooperation of the three elementary schools and MHS and includes a realistic projection of enrollment at all three schools over the next 5-10 years.

Okay, I’m insanely biased, but I wish the organizers had considered a K-5 Spanish immersion program for kids who speak Spanish at home but want to develop reading and writing skills and for kids who want to acquire fluency in a second language. My own kids are teenagers now (and, um, practically perfect in every way, in case they’re reading this) but I would have definitely taken advantage of such a school and been willing to put some serious mileage on our Sierra.

The neurodevelopmental research on the benefits of bilingualism or early second language acquisition (as well as early music training) seems pretty much unequivocal, and that’s saying a lot given the little we really understand about brain development.

Constance Cummings