One-way ticket out for illegal aliens


Nick Pace made a laughable stretch (and highly insulting to Sgt. Brooks and local law enforcement) suggesting the DUI checkpoint of 15 February was a conspiracy to capture/harass the local wetback population. I do agree with one item in his letter: yes Nicky, it “churns my stomach;” your letter makes me want to puke.

It is absurd to claim the purpose of the checkpoint was to round up a pack of illegal wetbacks, but if so, then I say: Good job! How clever of this bleeding heart, sob sister, lib to worm in a bunch of fallacious BS about “undocumented workers” under the guise of a complaint about a DUI checkpoint.

Nicky needs to understand a few things. These are not “undocumented workers” as he so politically correctly puts it; they are illegal Mexican aliens who have entered our country illegally, and having done so are criminals deserving of whatever our legal system allows, which in my opinion is not nearly enough. The federal government has consistently displayed its unwillingness to enforce federal law, which is why local state and municipal governments in all 50 states have enacted laws since 2006 in order to combat the blight and expense these individuals bring upon our culture and society. Illegal Mexican aliens have no right whatsoever to be in my country, much less operating a vehicle without a license on PCH. So if the Sheriffs want to bust them, impound their uninsured cars, execute them on the spot, whatever, all I can say is where do I sign up to help?

Before you get your thong in a knot and start whining and screaming “racist” be aware my wife is a foreign national. She came here with proper authorization, got in line, submitted the required documents, and patiently awaits the proud day when she can obtain her citizenship. She has about as much tolerance for the illegal scum that have infested our country and city as I do, which is to say none at all.

The only thing they are entitled to is a one-way ticket out.

Bruce Kent