Keller’s response

Dear Sherman:

I was very disappointed to receive the letter you sent to the council resigning from the Mobilehome Rent Stabilization Commission. I was also dismayed that you involved me in your decision. I don’t know what you are basing your assumptions on, but for your information several weeks ago in a casual conversation, my appointee to the commission said she had been told that your mother was living in the Point Dume Mobile Home Park. She wondered if that might create a conflict of interest for you. I said if you had not purchased a unit in the park I didn’t see a problem. I suggested she talk to you about it. Other than mentioning this conversation to Mayor Van Horn I did not pursue the issue.

I find this turn of events even more mystifying since I drop in at your store almost every week on my way to the gym and you have not talked to me about this or the upcoming election. I would have thought that if you had these concerns you would have brought them to my attention. Surely you know I would not have sent Mayor Van Horn to talk to you for me. Also I wonder why, if you thought you had a “perceived conflict,” you did not consider other remedies such as recusing yourself when an item concerning the Point Dume Park was on the agenda.

I am glad that you plan to continue on the Trails Committee as my appointee. I believe you have been an asset on the Mobile Home Park Commission and urge you to reconsider your resignation.

Walter F. Keller

city councilman

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