Horse up for Adoption at Agoura Hills Animal Shelter

The Agoura Animal Care Center—better known as the Agoura Hills Animal Shelter—recently announced it was seeking a caring home for an unusually sized family pet—a horse named Choco.

“Sweet Choco is a volunteer and staff favorite,” a social media post from the shelter said, adding that Choco “comes when his name is called.”

“He may look like a horse, but in a past life he was someone’s loyal dog who followed his person around everywhere,” the shelter’s post described. “He’s been fully vetted from head to tail, where the vet found swelling to his right rear leg from a previous trauma and an old eye injury which causes some discharge. (No treatment need[ed] for either injury) He’s also had his teeth floated and received four new shoes!”

Anyone interested in Choco may email to make an appointment. Make sure to include a contact phone number.

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