Ballot Measures


SCHOOL—Measure M: For the first time, two school facilities improvement bond measures have been created—one for Malibu, one for Santa Monica. The money ($195 million) would go toward improving local schools. Residents would be paying three cents per $100 of assessed value if passed. 

MUNICIPAL—Measure G: The measure would permit and regulate cannabis businesses. Additionally, it would allow medical cannabis dispensaries to sell and deliver recreational cannabis in the city. (There are currently two dispensaries in Malibu.) Lastly, it would impose a general tax—2.5 percent on nonmedical cannabis sales—to be used for “general city purposes.” 

COUNTY—Measure W: This is the county’s initiative to improve and protect water quality. The measure would prepare for future droughts as well as protect “public health and marine life by reducing pollution, trash, toxins/plastics entering Los Angeles County waterways/bays/beaches.” This measure also includes a stormwater tax, a 2.5 cent parcel tax on each square foot of “impermeable area.” (Generally speaking, it refers to any surface that does not allow water to permeate, like concrete.)