Have we learned nothing?


How wonderful to live in Malibu in a fire. No local news channels, much less the local government access channel on Charter (but we can get the wrestling channel). No Internet either. We’re reduced to listening to the radio (or Internet feeds if you’re lucky enough to have Verizon), which announced Zuma Beach as the Malibu evacuation center.

Hapless citizens going to Zuma Beach are turned away. The vast parking lot is empty, but “reserved for emergency vehicles.” Residents cannot park there, even if they offer to pay. Attendants direct people to Agoura High School (exactly how you’re supposed to get there with Kanan closed isn’t discussed). So, everyone crowds into the Howe’s parking lot, jamming the only functioning supermarket with RVs and refugees.

This is madness. No communications, and one of the few defensible evacuation areas sitting empty, and placed off limits to the residents. Even if needed, are there enough spare emergency vehicles in all of Los Angeles County to fill Zuma?

This isn’t the first fire we ever had. Indeed, Malibu has more experience than just about any city. Have we learned nothing? Decent communications and wise use of the resources you have are pretty basic. Malibu “government” should be ashamed of itself. Thank heaven they’re not running the fire department.

Peter Higgins