Meet the MEE Family

The idea for the MEE Family characters came to author Christine Walker in a dream.

Christine Walker, a former teacher and resident of New Zealand, is bringing smiles to children and adults alike with her simple heart-warming stories about the MEEFamily. Walker is the sole creator, illustrator and author of the tales of the smiley stick-like characters, Mr. and Mrs. Mee, Baby-U and Spooky the cat.

Walker, a resident of Malibu, has three children and is a Special Education teacher assistant at Juan Cabrillo Elementary School.

Walker has written 21 MEE Stories, having published two, “MEE Glows With Health and Happiness” and “MEE, Who is Hardly Any Size at All.”

However, Walker’s creativity did not stop with the MEE stories. She continued with the MEE character idea and now custom makes MEEFamily and MEEKid multicultural cloth dolls. Her books and dolls are now on display at Juan Cabrillo Elementary School Library and 10 percent of all proceeds will go to the school.

Walker, who has been using the books for years, said that the MEE stories are truly beneficial for children in that they relate a positive message showing them who they are and that they have a special place in the world.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time and the things throughout the books seem to relate to the students at a very personal and creative level,” Gordon said. “The family of characters portray such a beautiful message and children respond to it very positively.”

Originally from New Zealand, Gordon came to the United States in hopes of pursuing a career as a children’s author. Her motivation for creating the MEE stories came to Gordon in a dream when she was 21 years old. The dream gave her the idea of a world full of smiling, jovial characters where youngsters could feel safe and loved. After using the MEE stories and characters in her New Zealand classroom, she was encouraged by teachers, parents and students to further pursue this new world she had created for children.

Her ultimate goal is to establish the Smile with MEE Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children with disabilities and less fortunate children achieve their dreams. Walker also hopes to attract a large publisher to publish her books and dolls.

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