Hot, busy weekend, few accidents

Thousands visiting Malibu's beaches on Labor Day 2004

Although visitors to Malibu beaches topped 167,000 on a single day during the sizzling hot Labor Day weekend, there were no major incidents or accidents reported by lifeguard and law enforcement agencies.

Lifeguard Caption Nick Steers said the crowds were large, but subdued. There were constant traffic jams and parking lots at state beaches and parks were always full, Steers said. Visitors stayed past sunset on most days to escape searing temperatures of more than 100 degrees in the Valley and inland areas. Temperatures reached the 90s on the coast. Water temperatures reached 67 degrees, with surfers shunning wetsuits, wearing only shorts and T-shirts.

Saturday was the quietest day, with approximately 97,000 people visiting local beaches. There were 32 rescues performed Saturday, and 2,300 preventions.

Sunday brought 162,000 people to Malibu, with 150 rescues and 2,300 preventions (warnings). Monday brought the largest crowd at 167,000. Two hundred rescues were performed, 6,000 preventions were enacted and 11 children went missing, but all were found.

The rescues and preventions were higher on Sunday and Monday, Steers said, because of a strong lateral current.

The Labor Day weekend report covers Malibu Surfrider State Beach, Dan Blocker State Beach, Point Dume State Beach, Nicholas Canyon County Beach and Zuma State Beach.

The large crowds and ensuing traffic jams may have contributed to low number of traffic accidents and citations, local law enforcement officials said.

The Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station had no reports of accidents, ticketing or DUIs on Friday. Saturday there were three accidents and two DUI arrests. Sheriff deputies made two more DUI arrests on Sunday and one more accident was reported.

The numbers were not in at press time for Monday.