Paul Richard Beck


Paul Richard Beck died Dec. 26. He was 74.

Beck was born in Los Angeles on Nov. 10, 1928 as the only child of Dave and Betty Beck. His father was the proprietor of Dave Beck Auto Parts. Paul Beck said his father was known for “always keeping his word” and taught him the importance of honesty.

In 1935, Beck became the Adorable baby for Adore milk.

Beck worked in many business fields. He wrote for old radio shows such as “Amos And Andy.” Also, he was a talent agent, real estate investor, importer/exporter and inventor. Beck also worked in the automotive industry.

Beck invented the one-size-fits-all fan belt. He spent a good part of his later years successfully developing a new fan belt design that can be quickly and easily fabricated on-site for any application or size, eliminating the need for an inventory of multiple sized belts.

Beck is survived by his wife, R. Eve “Delanie” Bryant-Beck. Services are scheduled at Gates, Kingsley & Gates, located at 1925 Arizona Ave. in Santa Monica on Friday at 1 p.m. A remembrance of his life will also take place at Duke’s Malibu.