No New COVID Fatalities in Malibu

New coronavirus cases per week in Malibu.jpg

So far in LA County, more than 1 million doses of the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine have been distributed to healthcare workers and those ages 65 and up. However, health officials stress we are not out of danger yet. Even for the lucky ones who have secured vaccines, mask wearing and social distancing must still be in play, officials say, and it will likely be months before young people become eligible for the vaccine (more info at

Here in Malibu, new weekly cases (Feb. 2–8) fell below 10 for the first time since mid December. In total, 321 residents have tested positive for the virus. This week, a new outbreak was reported among staff at Malibu’s juvenile detention center Campus Kilpatrick, with six staffers testing positive for the virus. There remained a total of six fatalities due to the virus among Malibu residents.