Letter: Distraction Politics

Malibu has spoken. Why isn’t our city council listening? Barely six months ago, our community passed Measure M at a stunning 66 percent, choosing to spend $195 million to plan for future generations of Malibu kids by rebuilding our schools. Yet last week, our city council chose not to support these same children by voiding the Bluffs Park swap that would have provided many of the passive and active recreation facilities our community so badly needs. Do not be fooled by the distraction politics claiming the newly purchased lands will provide your skatepark, your soccer field or your pool. In closed session, our city council is already negotiating to sell off the most prime portion of the Chili Cook-Off site. (Bye bye, beloved Chili Cook-Off!) The second piece of land is destined for Metro parking while the third parcel at the Christmas Tree Lot can only be accessed via an already-congested Heathercliff Road, and sits comfortably tucked up to Point Dume. We can only hope the adjacent residents have changed their minds and are ready to embrace the warm sounds of children laughing and playing.

Parents and kids, I know you all were taking a much-needed spring break with school out after a difficult winter. Like you, I am surprised to learn our city council would choose to make such an important, long-term decision while you were away healing your family. I hope you will let them know you do not agree.

Carl Randall

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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