Surfing spectacular

Men's 20 to 29 champion Chad Marshall surfs for Wind an' Sea (left); Lorton Mitchell of the Coronado Surf Club shows his skills (top); Michel Juno, also known for making surfboards, rides the waves for Big Sticks Surfing association (middle) and Jimmy Gamboa (far left) competes for the Malibu Boardriders Club, the host and winner of the competition.

More than 300 surfers came to Malibu over the weekend to compete in the Malibu Boardriders Club’s 16 annual “Call to the Wall” event. Sponsored by Coors, the competition included 14 surf clubs from throughout the coast, with proceeds from the event going to the Ronald McDonald House.

Team Overall Standing

1. Malibu Boardriders Club

2. Doheney Longboard Surfing Association

3. Santa Barbara Surf Club

4. Malibu Surfing Association

5. Ventura Surf Club

6. Wind an’ Sea

Division winners

Mini groms (10 & under)-Zack Clark

Groms (11 to 14)-Jesse Hinkle

Junior Men (15 to 19)-Steve Simpson

Men 20 to 29-Chad Marshall

Men 30 to 39-CJ Nelson

Men 40 to 49-Bud Donatoni

Men 50 to 59-Bob Hecklinger

Men 60 to 69-Steve Bigler

Junior Women (15 to 19)-Lauren Ngan

Women 20 to 34-Carla Rowland

Women 35 and over-Miranda Josephs

Team Paddle-Oceanside

Tandem-Caleb Roe & Wendy Lynn