Out of his range


While visiting in Malibu, a friend became ill and had to go into the hospital where she has been for several months. We assured her that we would take care of her car which is parked legally in front of our house on PCH. My neighbor noticed a ticket on the windshield, which had slipped down the windshield. The ticket was for a noncurrent license tab. You know, the little tab on your license plate. So now we felt obligated to pay her ticket to avoid any problems for her. It is a ticket issued by the Mountains Conservation Authority by a ranger. And the money is sent to a Santa Ana location. Now the problem begins.

I know the rangers carry guns and can issue tickets but what the heck is a ranger doing on PCH giving parking tickets? As anyone knows driving past my house at 65 or 70 miles a hour, who can spot a missing tab on a license plate even going 25 or 30 miles an hour (which, by the way, would be obstructing traffic)? Or is he walking a beat on PCH, which brings me to the next question. Why isn’t he on patrol in the Santa Monica Mountains looking for possible arsonists or fires? I am sure he is needed in all the property that the conservancy manages. By the way, the fee goes to enrich the state coffers and therefore to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy to further their agenda of harassing Malibu property owners.

Jackie Sutton