Cher Advocates for the U.S. Postal Service

Cher Tweets

Local celebrity Cher organized a rally Saturday, Aug. 22, at a local post office in support of postal workers. She and her crew carried signs that said “Hey Senate! Snap out of it!” and “Protect our P.O. and our vote.” The singer and actress also tweeted several messages, in her signature all-caps, emoji-heavy style, about her passion for the cause, asking the public whether it was possible to volunteer at the post office and documenting her process of finding out that it is, but requires fingerprints and a background check.

The post office has been the subject of much attention since President Trump appointed Republican Party mega donor Louis DeJoy as postmaster general. The move sparked national outcry; many worried that DeJoy’s installation was a strategic move to gut the government service during a time when almost everyone must vote by mail and help Trump win the upcoming presidential race. 

Cher tweeted that she was disappointed by the low turnout at her rally but that she would be out there again next Saturday.