Maybe it’s in French


    I am enclosing two photographs of road construction signs, one traveling from Zuma toward Santa Monica, on the ocean side, just before John Tyler Drive, and one traveling toward Zuma, on the land side, just before Malibu Canyon, just below the Pepperdine University hill. [The signs read, “Road Constructoin.”]

    As the saying goes, “a picture worth a thousand words.” I only hope that the workers on that construction site know their job even if they can’t spell. Which reminds one of all the people in America who still can’t read or spell. I shudder to think what might happen if computers didn’t have spell check (or if the cash register computer malfuctions — can they count the change?). Interesting, where one sign is posted — right below a university! Let’s all support education in any way possible.

    Or maybe the sign means that the constructoin will keep on goin’ and goin’ and goin!

    A. DeClario