News Briefs


City opposes LNG proposal

Malibu Environmental and Community Development Director Vic Peterson sent a letter Dec. 17 to the California State Lands Commission in opposition to the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the liquefied natural gas deepwater port proposed to be constructed off the coast of Oxnard.

“The city of Malibu believes [the DEIR] is inadequate in its assessment of the potential environmental impacts and risks to public health and safety by failing to accurately assess catastrophic events that might result from accidental release of LNG or potential terrorist attacks on the proposed project.”

Hearings took place on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 to receive public comment on Australian-based BHP Billiton’s proposal to build the facility 14 miles off the coast of the Ventura/Los Angeles County line, about 15 miles north of Malibu. Most of the speakers at the hearings, which took place in Oxnard and Malibu, were opposed to the proposal. Prior to the Oxnard hearing, more than 150 protesters chanted against the LNG port and held up signs with slogans of dissent. Officials from the U.S. Coast Guard, the Maritime Administration and the California State Lands Commission conducted the hearings. Comments from the hearings were collected for the drafting of the final EIR. Next year, that document will be released. Then another series of hearings will be conducted prior to a final decision by the federal government on whether to approve the project.

Christmas tree recycling

There are three ways to recycle Christmas trees until Jan. 16. Trees can be dropped off at Civic Center Way across from the Malibu Library. They can also be dropped off at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Heathercliff Road. Also, one can remove all ornaments from the tree, cut the tree in half, and place it in the green waste container for no-cost curbside pick-up.

Before recycling any Christmas tree, one should remove all ornaments, tinsel, plastic water containers and metal stands or bars. Flocked trees and those coated with a fire retardant will be accepted. For further information, call 456.2489 ext. 352.