No to another parcel tax


Warning Malibu! Santa Monica is at it again! School district superintendent Tim Cuneo, as reported last week in the Santa Monica Daily Press, is planning to push for yet another parcel tax to bridge a deficit in school funding-this is in place of making the kinds of necessary cuts that every private business and every household has already had to make in these difficult economic times. Oh, and in a related story, the Santa Monica City Council just gave the Community Corporation of Santa Monica another $40 million on top of the previous $50 million to build more low-income housing in the city. This means that instead of spending available money on shoring up the school district’s budget, they will be luring even more kids from non-revenue-producing households to further jam an already overcrowded and underfunded school district, the burdensome excesses of which will be generously paid for by whom? MALIBU! And let’s not forget that if everyone in Malibu votes against such a tax, it’s still not enough to overcome the votes that Santa Monicans for Renters Rights (SMRR) will be able to muster from their Santa Monica base alone. This will be yet another tax, undemocratically imposed by Santa Monica voters, which will benefit only Santa Monica students, Santa Monica teachers, Santa Monica bureaucrats and Santa Monica schools, all at Malibu’s expense.

Please help expedite the creation of a Malibu school district so that Santa Monica will be forced, once and for all, to deal with its own problems. In the meantime, I would urge Malibu parents to let Mr. Cuneo know what they think of his irresponsible plan.

Wade Major