Letter: Mein Kemp

Letter to the Editor

Georgia’s new, “Write to Vote,” laws make it easier for people of all races, ages and species to cast their ballots. We highlight just a few of these many efficiencies below:

Before beginning, voters will need to first prove they are not a robot by clicking all squares that contain images of crosswalks. Elon Musk, certainly a dope, repeatedly failed this step. 

No voter is allowed to consume food or water for 10 days prior to visiting their polling place. The NRA will oversee all food and beverage operations on site.

Applicants must name, in order, all members of the British Royal Family. Mere mention of the names Harry or Meghan will result in immediate disqualification of said ballot.

In Georgia, we stand with all our corporate partners, such as NASCAR and the PGA, sports like race car driving and golf, that are filled to the brim with diversity and the gold old American dream….

—Governor Brian Kemp

Dan Bercu