Meet the City Council Candidates

The Malibu Times sent a questionnaire to all 10 Malibu City Council candidates. They were all given the same time frame to respond and were limited to 75 words per answer. Two profiles will be printed, in alphabetical order, each week until the April 1 issue. Election Day is April 13. The full list of candidates profiles will be viewable online at, under the tab, “Election News,” beginning April 1.

Name: John Mazza

Date of Birth: Nov. 8, 1945

How long have you lived in Malibu? 38 years

What is your education and employment history?

Education: B.A., Claremont McKenna College, 1967; MBA, University of Southern California Graduate School of Business, 1969;

Employment History: 1969-1988 William O’Neil and Co., O’Neil Data Systems, O’Neil Fund, Investor’s Business Daily

Positions: Institutional trader, mutual fund portfolio manager, director of technical analysis, chief financial officer, secretary, treasurer, president

1988-1999: Drake Capital Securities, vice chairman, head of trading

1988-2008: Drake Holding Corp, president

1988-Present: Drake Strategic Corp and Drake Energy Corp., president

1980-Present: Panamint Properties, owner

Why are you running for city council?

For more than two decades, I have been participating in Malibu civic affairs and I believe that Malibu has never faced bigger challenges. My civic, financial and management experience can provide solutions to our pressing problems of dealing with water quality, fire protection, providing recreational and educational opportunities, and our massive debt in an uncertain economy. I am prepared to work and spend the time to find these solutions and to protect our way of life and environment.

What makes you qualified to be on City Council?

I have many years of experience serving on city commissions and committees, have attended hundreds of planning commission and council meetings and know how the system works. I have over 40 years experience in financial management experience and have founded and managed large corporations with hundreds of employees. I invest in and manage commercial real estate. I believe this experience is essential for the proper governance of Malibu in this challenging economy.

What, in your opinion, are the three most important issues facing the city at this time?

Financial management: Malibu’s surplus has dropped in half and its debt has ballooned to $45 million. Proper long-term planning and fiscal management is required.

Public Safety: We must address our pollution problems in a rational manner and protect our residents from the fire threat of public camping in the mountains.

Expansion of public services and facilities: Malibu lacks adequate sports fields, library annexes, senior services, arts programs and its fair share of school assets.

Have you been involved in any organizations, homeowners associations, city committees or other community groups? If so, how were you involved and for how long?

I am or have been active in the following positions dating back to 1990: Vice-chair Planning Commission (2008-2010); Zoning and Code Enforcement Subcommittee representative; Chairman of PCH/Heathercliff Blue Ribbon Committee; Library Task Force member; Business Roundtable member; Economic Advisory Committee member; Point Dume Services District director; Past president/director, Point Dume Community Association; Malibu Arts Foundation director; past president/director, Malibu River One Homeowners Association; president, Malibu Dog Adoptions; president, Malibu Surfing Museum; Malibu Green Machine member; Malibu Community Action Network director

What experiences have you had dealing with budgets? How about legislation?

I have an MBA from USC and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Claremont McKenna College. For the past 40 years I have been the chief financial officer and president of five companies. I have been a chief financial and technical analyst at a New York Stock Exchange firm as well as a licensed NYSE financial principal. I have done hundreds of budgets.

I represented Point Dume (PDCA) in the coastal plan negotiations in 2002.

How many people are in your immediate family, regardless of whether they live at home? Feel free to mention their names and ages.

My lovely wife Robby, myself, and my 94-year-old father Harold.

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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