Malibu Creek State Park shooter found guilty of the murder of Tristan Baudette

Malibu Cross Creek Park. Photo by Samantha Bravo.

The Malibu Creek State Park shooter has been found guilty of the murder of Tristan Baudette, the Irvine scientist who was sleeping in a tent with his two young daughters in 2018. After nearly three days of deliberations a downtown LA jury found 46-year-old Anthony Rauda guilty of shooting the 35-year-old father of two and found him guilty of three counts of attempted murder connected with a string of sniper shootings beginning in 2016 in and around Malibu Creek State Park. Two attempted murder counts involved Beaudette’s daughters and another man whose camper was shot.

Prosecutors were seeking a first degree murder charge although Rauda was convicted of second degree murder. He is due to be sentenced June 7.  He is already serving time for assaulting two police officers and waived his right to attend the trial.