Malibu Woman’s Club awards students on Earth Day

This year, Malibu Woman’s Club invited all fifth-grade students to develop a climate change water conservation public education campaign. Annually, the club chooses the top high school seniors for its scholarship awards, based on academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and community service, and this year, on their ideas for water conservation. 

“Congratulations, winners and their parents!” Malibu Woman’s Club President Ayako Yoshida said in an email to The Malibu Times. “Thank you to the dedicated educators of Malibu and the members of MWC.”

Webster Elementary School, Ms. Kristina London’s class: Conner Baker (1st Place), Clara Fischer (2nd Place), Briggs Geraghty (Honorable Mention), Lennon Marderosian (Honorable Mention)

The winners are:

  • Webster Elementary School, Ms. Juanae Johnson’s Class: Taylor Murray (1st Place), Samantha Ales (2nd Place), Carolyn Kim (Honorable Mention)
  • Malibu Elementary, Ms. Robyn Estela’s class: Sarah Wertheim (1st place), Sadie Saxton (2nd place), Kelly O’Connor (Honorable Mention)
  • Malibu Elementary, Ms. Sharon Thompson’s class: Olea Brinkmann (1st place), Penelope Sprague (2nd place), Tosh Webb (2nd place)
  • High school senior scholarship winners: Jaz Abbey (MHS), Nina Berglund (MHS), Stefan Colburn (MHS), Annika Joy Bolander (MHS), Tylor Schwerdtmann (MHS), Sacha Toberoff (Viewpoint).
The club’s 2022 contest and scholarship awards took place at Legacy Park. Photo courtesy.
Samantha Bravo
Samantha Bravo
Samantha Bravo is an inspiring photojournalist based in Los Angeles California. She began her journalism career at Pierce College Media Arts Department. Twitter @samanthavbravo

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