After months of uncertainty, Malibu High School students walk the stage

Class of 2022 is the 27th annual graduating class of 2022.

After tackling the Woolsey Fire their freshman year, then experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic two years later, 117 students preserved to walk on stage and receive their high school diplomas. 

After years of uncertainty, the Malibu community including Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, Board of Education members and the City of Malibu councilmembers cheered and celebrated the accomplishments of the 27th Malibu High School graduating class of 2022. 

Look out for next week’s issue for the full story and more photos of the ceremony. 

Samantha Bravo
Samantha Bravo
Samantha Bravo is an inspiring photojournalist based in Los Angeles California. She began her journalism career at Pierce College Media Arts Department. Twitter @samanthavbravo

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