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What has happened to Malibu?

I have lived and worked in this town for most of my 45 years. I remember going to work with my father as a boy, people would come out of their homes with a cup of coffee and say good morning and offer any help. That was still true in the late ’70s to late ’80s, when I started as a contractor.

Today, things are a lot different. A few weeks ago I moved my equipment to a site on Point Dume. A lady came out of her house, very angry and started to scold me about leaving trash on her wall and telling me not to get near her driveway. I looked to my right and another lady was outside writing on a big piece of cardboard, looked at me, placed it by her fence and stomped into her house. The sign said DO NOT TRESPASS. This all happened on a Monday morning my first three minutes on that job.

This is what cityhood has done to Malibu: Anyone who drives a pickup or works as a contractor in this town is a criminal, all in the name of saving the environment, our kids, and now Valerie Sklarevsky is bringing God into it. Why don’t all you people tell it like it is? “I have my lot in Malibu that someone has graded, put a foundation on, and built a house on and I do not want anyone else to live here.”

The reason I am writing this letter is my disgust in reading what Valerie Sklarevsky did to Ed Niles’ model of the Civic Center. As always, environmentalists believe that the end justifies the means and forget the fact that what she did was nothing more than a silly, cowardly act of vandalism. She behaved as a common criminal and should not be applauded. She damaged private property. That it is against the law. We have not taught our children to throw things at people with whom we disagree and certainly have not taught them to blame bad behavior on God.

Also, the reason Mr. Niles and the Bay Co. were displaying the model was to get people’s constructive opinions of the project so it could be improved to meet the needs of the people of Malibu.


If Ms. Sklarevsky does not want any development on this site she may want to buy the property from the Malibu Bay Co. and maybe Mr. Sheen will loan her the money.

Chris Mallen,

grading contractor

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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